A man once told me that carving a spoon was a revolutionary act.

Most people need to buy a spoon. For this they need to earn money. By making a spoon you are subverting capitalism and refusing, albeit for one small item, to be a consumer. Indeed a small act of revolution against the current narrative.

It’s not only a revolutionary act though, it’s also a wonderful skill to learn to help you with your mental health. The connection it brings to both the natural world and other people is life affirming. The meditative state and mindfulness needed when carving have myriad benefits for our mental wellbeing.

With the help of our followers our first Art project will be to run courses for people who are struggling with their mental health. We’ll be teaching them the skills and supporting them through monthly carving meetings ups.

Very shortly we’ll have a subscription service available for you or your business to donate funds to to help us roll out this project. We’re finalising all the details but comment if you’d be interested in investing in helping other people in this way.