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Artist Biography: Kim Neith Thompson and Rob Neith Nicholson

Kim Neith Thompson and Rob Neith Nicholson, the creative minds behind Neith Art and Sculpture, are a collaborative force to be reckoned. Adaptable artists, able to work in many media, they predominantly create large scale wooden sculpture. Living Off Grid in a Yurt, they are informed by their place in nature rather than being removed from it. They work for private clients but really enjoy providing site specific Public Art with huge dollops of public engagement. They like to explore themes of social and environmental injustice with their work.

Neith Art & Sculpture

Exploring the Intersection of Art, Activism & Sustainability

Art as a Catalyst for Change
Neith Art & Sculpture

Kim and Rob's artistic journey is defined by their unwavering commitment to shining a spotlight on the issues that matter most. Their projects serve as powerful tools for highlighting social and environmental injustice, challenging the status quo, and inspiring profound change. Through their art, they seek to provoke thought, ignite conversations, and catalyze action.

A Diverse Range of Expression
Neith Art & Sculpture

What sets Kim and Rob apart is their remarkable versatility. Their creative spectrum spans from the monumental, with breathtaking large-scale wood sculptures that demand contemplation, to the delicate and thought-provoking world of poetry, where every word is a brushstroke on the canvas of the mind.Their exploration of visual storytelling extends to the realm of photography, capturing moments that speak volumes, and to the whimsical world of automaton, where art comes to life, engaging the viewer on a deeper level.

Eliciting Real Change
Neith Art & Sculpture

More than just artists, Kim and Rob are change-makers. Their work is not confined to gallery walls; it is a dynamic force that drives real change in people's lives. They believe that art is a potent catalyst for transformation, a medium that can touch hearts and spark movements, challenging society to confront its most pressing issues.

Neith Art & Sculpture

Sustainable Living and Regenerative Farming

Beyond their art, Kim and Rob's commitment to sustainability is evident in every aspect of their lives. They have chosen to live off the grid in a yurt on a regenerative farm, embracing a lifestyle that harmonies with the natural world. This conscious choice mirrors their artistic endeavours, reinforcing their dedication to a future where humans and the environment coexist in harmony.

Neith Art & SculptureNeith Art & Sculpture

In an age where art, activism, and environmental consciousness are paramount, Kim Neith Thompson and Rob Neith Nicholson stand as beacons of hope. Their art not only captivates but also challenges and inspires, inviting us all to be agents of change in a world desperately in need of it.