Barn Owl Children's Bench

£ 700.00 GBP

Postage (Pallet)

Looking for the perfect addition to your school, nursery, or garden? This charming owl bench is not just a seat, but a delightful piece of art that brings numerous benefits to children:

Engages Imagination: The whimsical owl design sparks creativity and storytelling during playtime.

Encourages Outdoor Play: A wonderful way to promote fresh air and outdoor activities.

Comfort and Safety: Crafted from sturdy wood, ensuring it's safe for little ones.

Learning Environment: Great for reading corners, group activities, and fostering a love for nature.

Durable and Eco-Friendly: Made from high-quality, sustainable wood, built to withstand active use.

Perfect for schools, nurseries, and outdoor play areas. Give your children a magical place to sit, read, and let their imaginations soar!

Due to the size of the piece it will be shipped via pallet. Shipping costs £120 to mainland UK.

Please allow 90 days for the sculpting of your piece. Each owl is created to order especially for you.

Each owl commission will be completely unique to you, there will be  slight variations between each piece of art.

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